Olympic Weightlifting

About the sport

Weightlifting is the sport of two quick lifts: the snatch and the clean & jerk. The snatch involves lifting a barbell from the ground to overhead in one movement. The clean and jerk is broken down into two movements: moving the bar from the floor to the shoulders, and then from the shoulders to overhead. While competition has many rules and weight classes, the sport boils down to who can lift the most weight given three attempts in each lift against people in their own age and weight range.

While weightlifting is an Olympic sport and is a means to its own end, many athletes and coaches in other sports recognize the strength-training value of the two movements. The majority of people who are doing the snatch and clean & jerk in their training are not specialized weightlifters. The weightlifting lifts are one of the few ways to incrementally load an explosive movement. By doing so, they create tremendous power in the body while translates to the football field, track, and baseball diamond.

Weight Classes

You will weigh in on competition day two hours before your session begins. Weigh-ins last for one hour. If you are within your weight class the first time you step on the scale, that is the weight that you will compete at. If you are not within your weight class. You have the rest of the hour to do whatever you need to do to make weight.

Weight Class Range (kg) Range (lbs)
56 <56.00 <123.3
62 56.01-62.00 123.22-136.4
69 62.01-69.00 136.422-151.8
77 69.01-77.00 151.822-169.4
85 77.01-85.00 169.422-187
94 77.01-85.00 187.002-206.8
105 94.01-105.00 206.822-231
+105 >105.01 >231.002
Weight Class Range (kg) Range (lbs)
48 <48.00 <105.6
53 48.01-53.00 105.622-116.6
58 53.01-58.00 116.22-127.6
63 58.01-63.00 127.622-138.6
69 63.01-69.00 138.622-151.8
75 69.01-75.00 151.822-165
+75 >75.0 >165.022